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RP Diet App - Week One Thoughts

I've been meal prepping for years. However, life has gotten really productive lately so I decided to check out RPDiet to create some space.

Here is Week1:

I found the RP Diet App to be very intuitive after a playing around a bit. The only thing i found confusing was when to determine diet/meal plan start date. Start and the date was given via the set up. Mine started the next day and was kind of kicked off by the first meal and weigh in! The RP Diet App does a great job of walking you through the set up requirements.

Asking you questions about you personal details, your lifestyle, and your goals. Via its algorithms it initializes your first week with a maintenance type of plan in order to prepare you for the multitude of meals and timing. The menu set up is self creating with fixed foods via Protein, Carbs and Fats.

The App calculates your macros for you and has warnings for when you are over or under your allotted amounts. You pick the foods for each meal; this is a cleaner way of eating so it may take some adjustment if you are used to eating processed foods.

The app also has a great FAQ sections that reviews several topics. I advise you check this out. Determining the level of effort for your workouts is also included. I also love the fact that you are able to see a shopping list and the grams/ounces required of each food.

The updated app is even better with stats a tab so you can get sciency. For the first week or so I played around with the app to dial in timing, number of meals, number of workouts and other various items. I restarted the diet to give myself a better sense of an achievable goal. So I am back to week 1!

Overall, this app so far is a no brainer. The app is much easier to use than the templates.

I view this is not as a diet, but as a change of lifestyle. Its altering your food consumption that is directly linked towards your goals. Amounts, timing and type.

More information, results and thoughts to come! Especially for client use.

Send questions! https://renaissanceperiodization.com/rp-diet-app